Hard Pill to Swallow


Hard Pill to Swallow

As most know, I attended the level 2 cert at the Ranch in Aromas, Ca this past weekend. The class was the most trying thing for me since attending Paramedic school at Daniel Freeman Hospital in the early 90’s. I’m not accustomed to failing but fail I did. I am not alone but the old failure loves company DOES NOT apply in this instance. I saw some others that failed that I thought were pretty damn good and would be more than welcome to come train the members of CFCV and I.

On the more positive side, I learned a shit load of stuff. From improving my own performance and how it will affect those around me as well as tips in training the 9 movements. But even more exciting is some of the tips I got from Annie and Oliver of CF Central Santa Cruz and Hollis et al over at CrossFit Santa Cruz. Oh yeah, and just being in the presence of affiliates from all over the country who are great athletes in their own right as well as the trainers of the cert. The willingness to share ideas and provide pointers in being more successful is worth the efforts and cost.

I want to warn the members and potential members of CFCV that there are changes on the horizon. These will include scheduling, the requirement of “foundations” classes and some rules that will need to be developed and followed. These are not necessarily new ideas as a result of the class I just attended, but things that need to be instituted to preserve and enhance the experience for everyone-athletes and trainers alike. Some are a long time over due and some that with input from others have become doable.

Enough said for now, I will be explaining in the days to come in person.

See you back in the gym starting tomorrow.