Hard Out of the Gate


Hard Out of the Gate

Those that chose to attend one of the two workouts today got their share of swings and burpees. Buffy, Nicole, Denny, Penny, Kara, Lisa and I got after it at 1:00, then Kelly, Caleb and Claudia got some at 4:00. Its funny the differing opinion of burpees:



It was a legitimate start to the new year.

CFCV will also start a burpee challenge on 1/2/2009. For the next 100 days, those that choose to participate will increase their burpee number by 1 each day until we reach 100. so on day 10 we'll do 10, on day 23 its 23 and on day 100 it'll be 100. We'll do them each day, not just workout days and since we're all adults, we'll use the honor system. Those that complete all 100 will receive a custom t-shirt that will be their reward. Good Luck!

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  1. Jason

    Greetings from Bend, OR. The snowboarding weather sucks, but I’ve been occupied with the local Crossfit here. New Years day we did “Cindy”, how fun, I was sweating alcohol. However, I’ve learned some new tricks and taught some of my own, a great experience. happy new year, see ya’ll next week!

  2. Rachael

    Hey tough guy, I heard something about pushups for today….BRING IT!!!! I ‘ll see ya at 2pm!
    I do realize that I might be sorry for this but for now, BRING IT PUNK!