Happy New Year


Happy New Year

And away we go! The year got off to a start with the new CFCV Bootcamp program yesterday. 7 gals are braving the early morning antics of Carrie and Rachael for the next 6 weeks. We have set up a separate blog for the Bootcamp and I am sure the girls will be updating it as they go. You can find it  here

As far as a recap of 2011, it was a great year from my perspective. I learned alot through attending the OPT coaching program and have applied the majority of concepts I learned. The business side of things improved with some basics again learned from OPT and we should be able to stay afloat if things continue as is. The really cool part is observing our members continuing to make improvements in strength and movement long after some in other programs have plateaued. This is testament mostly to their hard work and dedication.

As we enter the resolution season I am hearing rumblings of people starting a Whole 30 cycle, Paleo challenges etc. Here’s where I’m at on the subject, I too am going to give the Whole 30 a shot. My weakness has been NorCal margaritas in the past and alcohol is not allowed on the Whole 30 so that will be my challenge. Also as Melissa and Dallas will tell you if you’re drinking alcohol the chances are good that you will snack on other shitty food while “under the influence”. That is the other half of the challenge for me. I eat clean, especially while on duty but it all goes to hell when I have those NorCal margaritas.

So, during this season I’m gonna give it a shot and I encourage everyone to at least try to be as clean as possible. To that end I will review food logs with folks that wish me to. Be advised however that I have a slightly different view of the nourishment process. I like to think I eat for fuel and as such I don’t mess with fancy recipes. So short of giving folks some ideas on where to look I am not a good resource for culinary ideas. With that said we have had quite a few folks take this Paleo to extremes and have lots of great ideas for recipes and such, I suggest you talk to them for input.

On the subject of challenges, our first one went well, the rest kinda fizzled out. I would entertain another if someone with fresh ideas want to administrate it. Let me know if that’s you and I’ll give you all the support I can.

I am kind of disappointed in the lack of response to the rowing gig. I understand that $225.00 is alot of money, but the opportunity to learn to row correctly and teach others is huge in my view. I also know that many of us who think we’re OK at it, aren’t. The content is basically the same as a 2 day CrossFit rowing cert with two main differences. You don’t get a certificate from CrossFit and you don’t spend the 2nd day on the water. Oh and one other difference the CF cert is $400.00. All of this aside, I am going to open the event up to outsiders today and when we get to 10, it’s full. We may be able to expand it but that will require making arrangements with other affiliates to borrow ergs which I am not very likely to do.

Another thing on my mind is some of the shit talking I hear from other gyms in the area about “CrossFit Squats”. I ran across this video by one of my heros on the subject”


There are myriad other studies and info on the importance of full depth squatting which continues to blow my mind why the concept is so foreign. Just sayin…

For the past month, I have been working on a project at the FD that has very much consumed me. The thought that goes into writing a manual or book or whatever is overwhelming. In this case it wasn’t that big of a deal but it became one for me and now that it is done, I hope to be more attentive. I don’t know how the Robb Wolf’s of the world do it. I have a huge appreciation of their efforts right now.

Today is the final on-ramp class for Dave and Troy. I know they’ll do well in our program and look froward to seeing them progress and become part of the family. Chris will be starting his tomorrow and I’m sure he will do well also. There were a few other folks that inquired but have not followed through. This means that we have a couple of spots available.



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