Happy New Year


Happy New Year

After working Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve I'm going to take the night off from CrossFit, research and all that. But in the next day or so I will be posting the CFCV manifesto for 2010, aka my goals for the year and what you and expect to transpire as long as the creek don't rise.

But, I don't want to leave you empty handed this evening so you should look at Melissa Urban's new blog here and read the 2 posts Peanut Manifesto and Beware the Lure of the Sexy Metcon. The metcon post is where my head's been as of late (special thanks to likes of Dutch Lowy) and sums it up pretty well. I hope those aspiring functional gyms and their "coaches" read it. And as members, athletes, whatever you should too.

Have a good evening and see you at 9am tomorrow and again at 10:00 on Sunday.

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  1. Carrie

    I am going to get some ‘sunbutter’ ASAP. I knew peanuts were off limits but didn’t realize just how bad they were. I never have eaten much peanut butter but one of my daughters does… yikes.
    I loved reading the sexy met con post. I liked the way she said that ‘strength is the most effective way to get better at everything’. I am reading the book lights out and it’s nice to hear more about the dreaded cortisol, or long met cons being cortisol crazytown. Thanks Ron for all you do!!!!!