Happy Nevada Day


Happy Nevada Day

And soon, Halloween. First costumes at CFCV:


The CFCV Winter 2010 Challenge begins on Monday. There will be 3 initial workout dates: Tomorrow 10/30 at 9 am, Wednesday 11/3 at every workout time scheduled and Saturday the 6th. Here are the details:

The CFCV 2010 Winter Leaning

This challenge will build upon the spring leaning of last year in which the only criteria were before and after pictures and submission of food logs. The food log was not measured and several folks were not necessarily compliant with it.

The criteria for the winter leaning will include a  physical improvement metric measured by improving on a workout that is performed by each contestant the first and last days of the challenge. This workout was borrowed from CrossFit Invictus and I believe it is an excellent assessment tool. Each contestant will be ranked based on the highest number of reps equaling the highest rank for each workout.

The second metric is improvement in physique measured by before and after photos, also taken on the first and last days of the challenge. Contestants will be ranked highest for most improved.

The third metric will be based on number of workouts attended at CFCV per week. For each week that a contestant attends three workouts they will receive 3 pts. Two workouts = 2pts, one workout = 1pts. There will be no more than 3pts given in any week. The highest number of points will be ranked #1. It is likely that this category will have quite a few ties.

The final metric is posting of food logs to the yahoo group. As with our spring leaning we will have the yahoo group renewed with food logs due each Sunday for the previous week. For each week contestant’s food logs are posted on time, they will accumulate 1pt. At the end of the challenge the contestant with the most points will be ranked the highest.

As with the spring leaning, an entry fee of $30.00 is due by the last day of the challenge. The $30.00 will be put in a pot and the winner of the female and male groups will share the pot. Contestants can accumulate points up until the last day and decide not to actually enter the competition phase of the challenge.

The yahoo group is up and if you haven't been invited to subscribe before send me an e-mail and I'll send you an invitation. The group can be accessed by members by the link above.

Finally, something to ponder: High Fructose Corn Syrup in Soda