Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day

to all CFCV mother's and mutha's.

I have finally emerged from the anesthesia "fog" I think….. The doc says they did everything they thought they might have to do and the event lasted 5 1/2 hours vice the 3 1/2 they anticipated. Luckily they did everything arthroscopically which wasn't possible last time I had most of the same procedures done on the other shoulder.

I posted the schedule for May and you notice my name all over it. We have some new folks so I wanted them to know when classes were. Obviously there will be days like this Wedesday when I have Appointments and other stuff going on that others will handle classes. I know Rachael is training hard this month for the final push for her marathon next month and Carrie's kids are playing baseball and so is Indy. The schedule is not meant to cut out any coaching time for any of the coaches but since I am off from the FD for the next 2 months I figured I'd pick up a little more slack. If there are days that you want to coach, let me know, I think they removed my ESP gland during surgery.

In another week or so I think I'll have the mobility needed to commence the assessments. It is also time to re-do some of the originals to monitor progress. Let me know when you're ready…

For the next few weeks we are going to add Saturday classes. I am contemplating making them an open gym format from 9 to 11. Let me know your thoughts.

My comments on th Open and the Fittest of the Sierra are forthcoming soon. I need to get the finals stats from CrossFit which I'm not sure they understand what I am asking for.

It's good to have Ryan Conger back in the box. Ryan moved from the area two years ago but prior to that was one of CFCV's spectacles, and he doesn't even wear glasses. Dave and Dave finished the 0n-ramp program last week. Please welcome them when you see them in classes this week.

Congrats to Mark in getting his CF affiliation complete. Welcome CrossFit RAD!. Bitchin logo, wish our artist would have fulfilled his part of the deal…….