Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays

I didn’t realize until I signed on how long it’s been since I posted a blog entry. In excusable, I apologize.

I hope everyone had a good holiday season, I know that I am always thankful for our CFCV members and their generosity. I also hope the past year has been successful for each of our members and you feel progress has been made towards your goals.

Looking forward, it’s time to set new goals and to let our coaching staff know what they are. For those that are in need of a challenge (me for one) we will be kicking off the new year challenge on Jan 13th. The metrics we will use will be announced soon I just wanted to get this out for planning purposes. The challenge will incorporate the Bootcampers as well as CrossFit members.

We will be beginning our programming efforts towards the CrossFit Games Open shortly. I know there are opinions on what was good and bad about last years method of having two wods per day, one focused on games prep and one on fitness. We also recently had programming specific to weightlifting (OLY and progressions for improvement) that several members took advantage of. I am interested in your thoughts and ideas in this area. Please let me know them as well as any objections to doing this again. I also plan to incorporate two a day programming for those that are ready.

Happy New Year!