Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

Congrats to Adrienne for finishing 10th in the Sea Otter classic in Monterey in the elite division downhill. I have seen marked improvement in her strength since she started training with us a short time ago.

It is always sad when I get e-,ails from clients telling me they can no longer come to CFCV for one reason or another. We'll miss Tracey and hopefully she'll be able to keep her job this next year.

The sectionals (open) are coming to a close. We have one more workout this next week and then we'll be returning to more normal programming. Everyone has busted their asses and done a great job. This includes everyone in the gym who either try the workouts or endure the lack of coaching due to judging of the contestants. I am humbled by the performance I see from everyone. I will update everyone on the final standings when they are released. As of now it's hard to figure out the exact standings at any given time on the Games Leaderboard. It's also hard to believe some of the scores that are posted. One thing is for sure, there's some real bad asses competing in the games this year.

I will be having shoulder surgery on May 3rd. This is a chronic condition which I have been battling since crashing while ski racing back in the day along with other stuff I have been doing for years. It is finally to the point of seriously affecting my activities so I must get it fixed. I'll be off work at the FD but you won't be so lucky to not have me around. The FD won't approve light duty so I'l be spending more time at the gym albeit in a sling and stuff. I should be back for classes on the 4th and we will start the next and last on-ramp on the 9th.

The on-ramp program will be re-vamped after that and scheduled as personal or semi-private training and designed specifically for the needs and schedule of the participants. I also plan on changing up other stuff including the schedule, rates etc. It's all a part of re-branding CFCV and taking it up a notch. May 4th I begin the OPT Business System Module which I'm thinking will drive some change.


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  1. Stacey

    I hope all goes well with the surgery, Ron! And I hope it allows you to see the performance gains you work so hard for. Take care 🙂

  2. Ron,
    Good luck with surgery, trust me I know how it feels. I will be back in town May 6th and doc states I can work out just modifyed. I can row again and in 3 week run so I will be back thats if it ok. If you need anything at all while you are layed up just ask and If penny needs anything we’re here for you.