Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

Wanted to take this opportunity to wish all you a Happy Easter and to offer some perspective on subjects I have been thinking about.

The first is the CrossFit Games Open. Every year many of us look forward to the event as an opportunity to test ourselves against the rest of the community. And every year I can’t wait for it to be over, this year is no exception. The Open brings alot of energy to the gym. Folks that are fairly new get a chance to see our athletes at work and to have an opportunity to give the WODs a try themselves. That is without a doubt the positive part of the equation.

Then there’s the negative. For some of you the Open is very frustrating. Amazingly this is completely understandable. You have been training for around a year or so and feel you should do alot better than you have done. For some of you it has been a couple of years.

Here’s what I have to offer. Before the Open training season started I asked all of you what your goals were and offered a tiered training program based on those goals. The overwhelming majority of folks (who responded) expressed goals consistent with the left side of the board training over the past 12 weeks. The program design for the right side of the board was created based on the testing prior to the 12 week cycle and focused on making those that were interested in competing in the Open, better. From my perspective that was successful whether you can see it or not.

Here’s a couple of thoughts. Training age is probably one of the most important factors in developing and athlete. Sure there are other factors but if you have only been lifting weights for 1-2 years over your life span or doing gymnastics movements or …. How can you expect to kill these WODs? Especially if you have not been able to honestly train on the right side of the board over the past 12 weeks due to strength or skill issues? The other thought is that CrossFit has evolved into the “Sport of Fitness”. The competition has increased and is over 100,000 competitors this year from around the world. So if you feel you did poorly (whether you are in the comp. or not), consider the big picture. I think you’ll find under the circumstances you’ve done pretty damn well.

I say I am happy the Open will end soon as we get to move forward with fun training and testing cycles. Not that it will be easy, just that we get to learn new challenging stuff. I know my focus will be for next year’s Open when I get to compete in the 60+. To that end, you will see more of our other coaches so that I can resume my training.

Bottom line, even though there is one week left I AM PROUD AS HELL of our athletes. Last year there were several WODs which people could not complete due to a lack of strength or skill in specific movements. We had 2 individuals PR a lift in 13.4 for several reps and everyone has really stepped up.

Other news: CFCV’s first member Caleb has returned. It is awesome to have him back in the gym and I look forward to watching him grow. I know he’s regretting leaving right now but he’ll get it back.

We have had a couple of folks move on to other programs and in one case leave due to cost. I wish them luck and hope they find their grail. What’s really cool is we have added new members with others crossing over from Bootcamp to the CrossFit side.

Also very exciting is the CrossFit Kids program. Rhonda and Dustin are doing an exceptional job.

There is a newbie competition being held by Carson City CrossFit. There are specific requirements to qualify as a newbie and here is a link with more information  [social type=”facebook” opacity=”dark”]https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=508019105901013&set=a.193569477345979.37635.191749304194663&type=1&theater[/social] I encourage those of you interested in the competition aspect of CrossFit to participate. If you plan on participating let me know and we will work with you in preparation for this.

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  1. Rhonda

    Nice blog Ron! Thank you for putting the CF Open into perspective as we all forget that at times. And thanks for your support of CF Kids.