Happy Easter


Happy Easter

Hope ya'll have a happy Easter and have the opportunity to spend some quality time with your families.

Friday's Cindy was a good close to the week's workouts. For some it was their first and for some it was the first in quite a long time. For most there were improvements over past efforts by increasing rounds or decreasing scaling all in all everyone did quite well. Remember that numbers of rounds are relative depending on scaling and range of motion.

Last week of the challenge is coming up! The plan is to take pictures on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and Penny, Carrie Nicole and I will pick the top 5. On Saturday after the workout, we'll have the "party" so bring one of your favorite Paleo dishes and we'll have Paleo beverages and everyone will vote on the winner. We will probably have a male and female winner and will divvy up the pot accordingly. Accordingly as in there's only a couple of guys so the lion's share will go to the female winner. 

I found an interesting article on eggs that you want to look at: http://www.takepart.com/news/2010/04/01/eggs0

Also got this in my in basket that talks a little about Stevia for those of you that must:


Is Stevia Paleo? I have attempted to find an
answer for this and the information I've found is conflicting at best.
Please advise!!


Dear Jeff,

There's some scientific evidence to support
the notion that Stevia is safe, even in type 2 diabetes patients1, 2.
Furthermore, it has been demonstrated to
have antihypertensive properties, as shown by Chan et al.3
and a long-term study4. Having
said this, I am not aware of any study examining the potential
antinutrient (lectins or saponins) content
of the plant, hence we do not know the possible adverse effect of
this plant on a daily basis.
Hunter-gatherers used to consume a wide range of plants, thereby
minimizing the amount
of a single bioactive compound ingested and
its toxicity. It is known that rotating the kind of plants consumed is a
good strategy
in order to decrease food allergy and

From an evolutionary standpoint, we should
look at nutrition as "whole food" rather than nutrients per se.
The bottom line is that Stevia seems to be
safe, but we need more research to rule out possible side effects.

I hope this is helpful,


  1. Gregersen S, Jeppesen PB, Holst JJ,
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    placebo-controlled study.

This is an article from the Paleo Diet Update that is published by Dr Cordain Link Here. This link is for the website but if you subscribe to the newsletter you will get them at least weekly.

And then there's the Fittest of the Sierra competition at South Lake Tahoe CrossFit. I went to register today as a judge but they have removed the CFCV logo. Not sure what's up with that. I have inquired and will report when I hear. I know a few CFCVers have registered and hopefully most will. More to come.

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  1. Adrienne

    Hey Ron, I signed up for the Fittest of the Sierra. I hope some of the scaling includes age. HaHa Should be a fun day.