As I mentioned to the nine o'clockers, its time to go off and frankly admit my guilt. In an effort to deliver what I believed CrossFit is about and what I think people (including CFCV members) expect, our workouts have largely been "any asshole workouts". Sure in the past few months I have been figuring it out and working towards getting better, but I have finally decided enough is enough.

From this point forward, our workouts will be closely related to those that experienced CrossFit affiliates offer. They will certainly not be easier, just better focused on a desired outcome other than kicking peoples asses. In my defense and the defense of other affiliates, the Level I and other certs do a poor job of preparing those that don't have a clue to begin with. Sure I've watched the videos, read the journals (all of them) and listened to Coach himself explain the program but I still didn't get it without some experience under my belt. Not my fault and certainly not CrossFit or anyone else's fault. It just takes time and exposure to the likes of Robb Wolf and Nicki, Dutch Lowy, Jeff Martin, Dave Castro, Adrian Bozmans, Kelly Starett, Jon Gilson,  and a number of other folks to really "get it". I am grateful I have finally got the clue now its time to figure out how to apply it.

To that end, I will be attending the Dutch Lowy seminar in Vegas in June, as well as looking at all the resources from a different perspective. I hope to be better at what I do as a result.

I would also like to take this opportunity to provide some more good information on nutrition and the role it plays in the big picture. The link comes from Melissa Byers who owns CrossFIt 603 and seems to have gotten the "clue" early: Byers Gets Diesel Link