Good Things


Good Things

Are happening at CFCV. We added some potential members to the roster; Jim, Dave and Rich had their first 2 foundations classes and Stacey had her introductory session. Today we also had a whole gaggle of kids for the CFD Kids class at 11:00. There was a total of 9 and 2 others were slated to be here but couldn’t make it. The max amount of attendees will be the same for kids classes as adults and we are nearing that capacity.

While we add new mwmbers it seems we also lose some good ones too. Seth has infromed me that he will no longer be able to make classes due to economical reasons. I am disapointed as Seth is truly one of the most improved members we have had or will ever have. Good luck Seth, we’ll miss you.

With the links to videos last post I have been trying to figure out how to embed videos as opposed to liniking. We’ll see if this works:

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