GLad to be Back


GLad to be Back

Got in last night after another great day at Norcal listening to Robb Wolf. Quality stuff all weekend by like I said in the last post, two of the greats. We will start incorporating many of the concepts learned very soon. In fact some started today.

For instance, the 100 day burpee challenge is history. This does not mean that burpees are bad, quite the contrary. We will continue to incorporate them in our programming, just not 5050 of them in 100 days. The concept of compromising mid line stabilization was a biggy by Kelly Starrett and I get it. We used that concept today with good effect with our overhead squats.

Attending these presentations was like filling in the blanks of a conversation where every other word is left out. Videos, podcasts, articles and posts can only enlighten so much. I learned a ton of stuff that makes sense and met all of my expectations. Now for the implementation. As an aside we ordered 60 lacrosse balls today. That's a hint…..

Sorry to hear that Jared has moved on to Illinois. He was supportive of CFCV since the early days and came a long way. Good luck Jared!