Getting it Done


Getting it Done

A big thanks to Denny and Chad for the help with the beginning of what will be the new CFCV. Between workouts we started the pull up structure while Penny worked hard getting stuff moved over for the office and running parts.

That's not the only hard work that went on. We did a version of the mainsite WOD changing it from 10 rounds for time to AMRAP 20. Several got close to 10 rounds. Claudia put in an impressive effort with all strict pull ups as in no jumping or bands. Denny rocked it with 9 rounds and Caleb's kipping pullups have come a long way. I believe I saw 12 in a row? April and Sarah were back after a few days off as was Jared. They all also worked hard. Penny's burpees are much improved and Karen's sure working hard. Let's not forget Tim, Whitey and Kendall who work their asses off day after day. They do glare at times but I guess that's to be expected.

The effort of the day though goes to Kathy. Today she did Abmat situps for the first time in many years. I may not have mentioned it last week but she also rowed 5K. Great Job!

A few pics of the progress:

DSC00152 DSC00153  Some, but not all of the numbers:



I keep passing this picture so I had to post it, goes back aways eh girls?


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