Get it done and Changes


Get it done and Changes

Item #1, lets get the pictures taken for the challenge so we can close the book. I know everyone is speculating who the winners are but pictures and evaluation of who best followed the Paleo principles are still variables that need to be weighed. So let's get er done!


Scary word I know.I have had the opportunity to tell some I have seen what changes I anticipate based on this weekend and long term. The bottom line is assessing folks properly and individualizing the program for each to maximize their results. In that process we will do extensive health assessments that include body fat testing as well as physical assessments. We will also have a discussion about goals.

The changes will be more reaching for people just starting our program and effective immediately each person considering becoming members of CFCV will have to come to the gym twice before actually beginning the on-ramp program. The first visit will be to "watch" a workout in progress. The second will be for the assessment just mentioned. These changes are effective now, which includes the Februaury on-ramp. This means if there are folks planning on attending the on-ramp we need to have a conversation soo or no dice.

For the rest of you there will be assessments done both over time and start to finish for anyone that wants to volunteer. I have 20 assessments to complete as homework to complete my OPT Level I Assessment Module.

Bottom line is I am excited to take CFCV to the next level. Implementation of the changes as we go will come hard for some as some of the assessments will point out weaknesses not identified before. But the bottom line is lifetime health and fitness not short term. Many of our family have been members at that 2-3 year time frame where problems can rear their ugly heads due to compensatory mechanisms. This is preventable and I am committed to do our best to prevent them.

We have been added to the OPT Big Dawg list of hosting facilities for the Big Dog Challenge on January 16th. Info can be found here. Anyone that wants to participate please let me know so we can make plans.

4 Responses

  1. Carrie McGill

    I checked out the link and don’t see where it says what will take place. Is it a competition? CrossFit style, or lifting or a combo? I could be CRAZY and lame and it may be right there in front of me. I am just not seeing what will take place. Please elaborate…..

  2. Nicolette

    lol! Thank you Carrie i thought i was going crazy myself! I checked out the link also and could not find anything? Ron is it somewhat like Sierra’s fittest? I would like to check it out!

  3. Ron

    It is a competition for elite athletes with movements at weights designed for such. I was hoping there was a scaled division for men and women but as named it is for Big Dawgs we will scale the workouts next week for fun. Hopefully next challenge we’ll have some takers but I think it’s beyond most in our gym.