Fun at Station 1


Fun at Station 1

My normal partner Zac was on annual leave today so partnered up with Joel, we completed a simple but challenging workout. The effort included 15 seconds of work/15 seconds of rest/15 seconds of work…. for 10 minutes of Kettlebell snatches or high pulls alternating with 1 handed swings. 2 minutes rest and another 10 minutes of wall balls and slam balls. Because the kettlebell is somewhat new to Joel he did high pulls and 1 armed swings with a 12kg,I used the 16 for snatches and swings. We both used the new 12 lb medicine ball to 10 ft while squatting to another 20 lb medicine ball and a 20 lb d-ball for the slams.

For a better challenge we will both move up a size in KB next time.

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  1. Matt Kruse and I decided to do the Providence workout down at “El Quatro” – station 4 to those not familiar… We kept up a good pace with all exercises, even the ones we hate HAH!! Next time I suggested that we play “musical Crossfit” as the ancient CD player we have down here kept going off and on at it’s own whim, which made for some startling moments when Pimp Daddy Dee Def C. or whoever the hell was “singing” (term used very loosely)suddenly blared on for 42 seconds then fell silent for the next minute and a half…
    Thanks to BC Haskins for pointing out the poor form used on the new rowers – watching the DVD helped tremendously and I felt I was giving a MUCH better delivery of power.
    Neilson out. 🙂

  2. Ron

    CD? Old technology girl! Gotta get the ipod and fill it with 50 cent and other good rhytmic tunes to work out to. Wait, I forgot ipods don’t work on the other side of the sagebrush curtain, maybe Cahd can serenade you through Firepower next time. I too have found relearning proper rowing technique from C-2 has made a tremendous difference in my output. It seemed as though I hit a wall and failed to improve before I really studied the DVD’s.