Friday’s Assault


Friday’s Assault

So it happened again, post then nothing. This gets old!

Friday was all about the level I's assault on "Helen" For some this was their frist experience with Helen and for others, a chance to make big improvements. The workout went like this:


The previous numbers were:

  • Mike 18:13 Wide band 12 kg swings
  • Barb 19:47 Ring Rows 12 kg swing
  • Janeen 13:19 Wide band 12 kg swing
  • Jared 17:27 Wide band 16 kg swings
  • April 13:41 Wide band 12 kg swings
  • Nicole 11:59 Wide band 12 kg swings

Doing the math, the increases/decreases are significant! Great Job!

The rest of us did this "sleeper"


Monday and Tuesday Shalene and Claudia will be doing the classes.