So I guess I blew it. Tomorrow's plan was to go racing which we will do on Sunday and if its not too late and you read this we will workout at 9:00 tomorrow. At least Penny and I will be there and if you'r4e buring the oil and want to come, that works.

Today we went down stairs with the snatches and pretty much finished the 2 week progressions. Of course we will work the progressions til the cows come home (from Kentucky), but I can only stretch the movement so far. I am seeing lots of folks getting more comfortable with those progressions. Bottom line is you gotta do em to improve.

Lots of good shit going on in Austin Texas, wish I was there. I will be posting some stuff later on in the week.

For now, dig this:


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  1. Caleb

    You keep telling us the important thing is “diet, diet, diet”. Now I finally understand what you mean. Of course, my “diet” explains my “curves”!!