Friday the 13th


Friday the 13th

Pretty un-eventful as far as bad luck goes as far as I know. Everyone did the mainsite WOD of 2 days ago, 5 pull ups, 5 ring dips and 15 situps. Of course there was some scaling for most except for Ryan who absolutely killed it. Kathy R. also busted her butt, with 195 situps. I can remember not all that long ago she couldn't even manage one. Carrie M. is almost too competitive for her own good but boy does she get after it.

Chad 19 rounds

Mike 18

Carrie R. 15 rounds with ghd situps

Kathy J. 19

Kara 21

Adrienne 21

Teddy 22 1/3

Ron 21

Denny 25

Janeen 20

April 12

Shalene 21

Whitey 25

Tim 22

Doug 17

Jared 20

Kelly 20

Kathy R. 13

Penny 14 1/3

Buffy 20

The Kids class went of well. Reece, Luke, Bryce, Zach and Vince got to do some 400m runs, box jumps, dumbell thrusters and for the game did the hose drag drill that we use in our firefighter's physical abilities test at the FD.

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  1. Jared

    Thanks for the posts Ron. You have me down for 20 rounds. I guess i owe you 5 more rounds since i only did 15. However, i did do all my pull ups kipping (or something similar to that); which is a first for me. That means i didn’t jump or use the band once in the 75 pull ups i did. I definitely felt it and still am feeling it today!
    Thanks for getting me to that point, i would never have thought i could do it when i first started. I guess i have to raise the bar yet again.