Friday the 13th


Friday the 13th

Looking forward to a fun/busy weekend at CFCV. Workout tomorrow at 9 followed by first public free Sunday workout for comers of all sizes and shapes. Don't know how well it will be attended, expecting anywhere from 0 to 80. The purpose of course is to give those interested a taste of CrossFit workouts without too much intensity or difficult movements.

From here, those interested will be welcome to become part of the CFCV membership by starting one of the on-ramp programs or through personal training sessions. There will be few exceptions to these points of entry reserved for those with CrossFit experience or experience with the majority of movements we use in the wods. The exceptions will be considered when requested. Other than to say the on-ramp program will greatly benefit the new member there are several advantages that I will be glad to discuss with those interested. The first on-ramp program is scheduled for December 8th and will be 4 weeks in duration, 3 sessions per week. More on the schedule in the coming days.

Again I want to thank Nicole for covering classes while I am on FD duty, too bad more people haven't been attending.

Turns out there may be more to the box jumping and single/double unders than we thought Link.

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  1. kelly

    Ron, Interesting artical, I guess I better improve on my box jumps. Sorry I missed fight gone bad still feeling yecky will see you Sunday, hoping for a good trun out……

  2. Stacey

    Loved the Robb Wolf podcast! And this article was fun too. Thanks for finding us some good stuff Ron. See you tomorrow.