Friday July 22nd


Friday July 22nd

Congrats to Sheila for finishing her on-ramp program!. Yesterday she did her first WOD as a regular class member.

I saw this I don’t want to get bulky link on a friend’s Facebook page so once again I link it for your enjoyment. We have lost a number of female clients because they equate our lifting to their tendency to get “bulky”. It’s really a shame because it’s a mis-understanding that lots of gals have and I really don’t know where it originates. If you’re really saying I don’t want to look athletic then you should most definitely stay away, but that’s a long shot.

It was good to have Mark back at our gym on Wednesday.

CrossFit’s sports series is doing a paddleboard event on the 27th of August. This would be a good opportunity to experience SUPing for those of you that can’t make it with me. The event includes board rental, instruction and a WOD for 40 bucks. A pretty good value besides the cost if you come with me=free. I’m gonna go just to “play” on the water with some of the elite.

Haven’t seen any comments on the member’s only clog post. Wonder if anyone has listened to the teleseminar?

And another cool Hitler Youtube video:


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