Friday January 22nd


Friday January 22nd

Day 22 of the burpee challenge…..

I feel bad for not posting more regularly but with 6am revitalized and the on ramp program in full swing it makes for late nights. And with my new found knowledge and effort at getting better sleep I try to get in bed by 9:00. That leaves me with about 1 hr after getting home to make the blog post happen and frankly sometimes it doesn’t.

Lots of cool stuff going on though; a new crop of folks finishing up with the on ramp next Tuesday, The Catalyst Athletics oly posters donated by Stacey, a trip to Redding and Chico late next week for the CF Mobility & Recovery followed by Robb Wolf’s nutrition seminar, lots of new Do-Wins in the gym and the planning of the nutrition challenge.

We also plan another Friends and Family free workout for Feb 7th and a new on ramp starting Feb 8th. We have a few people that have expressed interest in the Feb on-ramp and could use a few more so pass it along.

We are also in the final planning stages for Dutch Lowy’s  fire dept program that is coming March 1st and 2nd. More details to come.

I want to leave you with this video that was sent to me by Stacey:

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