Friday Dec 11th


Friday Dec 11th

First of all, thanks to everyone for offering to help in past few days while I was sick. I truly appreciate your well wishes and support.

Even though I was down we kept at it at CFCV. We saw the end of the first week of the first on-ramp program last night. Nicolette did her 3rd class at noon and John, Barty, Sue and Brenda finished theirs at 6:30. Andrew had a previous engagement he couldn't get out of and Kathleen will be out until the next on-ramp in January. Here are some pics:

Crossfit1211 032 

Crossfit1211 034 

Crossfit1211 042

There was a great effort by Cary on Wednesday posting a 3:02 Fran. I think that is the second fastest done at CFCV. I will post a video of it once I get it down loaded.

The rest of us had fun with the jerk today:

Crossfit1211 036
Crossfit1211 038

Hopefully next week will see better attended afternoon sessions.

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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    Chief u are awesome!! Way to fight through and stay tough. The on ramp classes are going great. They have to be in pain today. Nice job newbies. Brenda did amazing on the GHD and Barty did great on the thrusters along with her hubby. Sue is freakin funny.Awesome girl. I didnt get to see nicolette but her time is great. I hope they stick with us good talented group!!!