Friday August 27th


Friday August 27th

The close of another fun filled, hard working week. Tracy and Matt finished their on-ramp program last night with around 2 minute decrease on their already awesome 7 minute time for their repeated first workout. It'll be nice to have them join the regular classes.

We also had three folks do an introductory "Helen" during the regularly scheduled 4:30, Teri and her son Dustin and Linda. They're friends of Carrie's and worked really hard, finishing with pretty good times. They all are interested in attending the next on-ramp program in September. I anticipate the first night to be September 7th so let's get as many people in this one as possible.

I will have the blog version of the schedule posted by the end of the weekend.

A month or so ago I committed CFCV to participate in the Weekend Warrior Competition. The competition will be held at 4 northern Nevada affiliates (ours was to be one) rotating from one to the other. When I committed to the competition things were pretty fat. Over the past month, membership has slowed down and I don't feel that we can afford to pay the $600.00 entry fee even though it does go to a good cause. We have affiliation fees coming up soon as well as some other expenses. So if you hear we as an affiliate flaked on the commitment it's true, but I don't see another way around it.

Last year we participated in an event to raise awareness of SMA. Tomorrow is the scheduled workout day for the event and again I'm flaking, but for good reason. The organizers are asking for a donation which is optional and believe me, I'd give if I could. They would be satisfied if we just joined workout but last year folks just hated it……for days. Remember 200 thrusters for time. This year it's with weight….No matter how good the cause I think we'll pass under the circumstances.

There is however a cause that we not only will participate in but a few of our members are organizing. On October 2nd we will have a benefit for a teenager that is dealing with paralysis caused by an accident at the swim center a couple of months back. His family is on the hook for some very large hospital bills as well as living expenses during out of state rehab. There will be more info as the event is organized and we are proud to be spear heading the whole thing.


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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    We were just talking about the 200 thrusters that it should be coming up last nite with some of the gals who have never done it. It was a brutal workout but yes it was fun. Talk about people bitching about how sore they are that would be that week of not being able to walk. Great job to Tracey and Matt. Cant wait to have you guys in action kickin some you know!!!!