Friday August 26th


Friday August 26th

Where did August go? Seems like the months just keep flying by faster and faster. I guess it's good in a way, we're starting to see some folks return to the box. And that is a very good thing.

We've got a few folks in different stages of on-ramp. Mary Ann is two deep, Ray is about half way, Chris and Paige started yesterday and Rod and Michele finish up tonight.

Brittani is new to CFCV, coming from Las Vegas. She was a crossfitter down there for 2 years prior to coming up north. Hopefully employment prospects work out and she can continue bringing it at our box.

Good to see William again after his hiatus and still waiting for Janae, Teri and Patrick to show their faces. Ryan C. stopped by yesterday sporting some ugly looking scabs and bruises from hiking escapades and hope he gets healed up soon.

Paddleboarding last Wednesday was a blast. I hear Linda had a good time and Wayne was sporting his new Riviera Ron House which is a bitchin board. The CrossFit SUP WOD is tomorrow in King's Beach. I'm heading up to participate, hopefully the lake will be calm and forgiving. I hear rumors that the founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman will be there along with many of the stars of CrossFit. I also see on Facebook that Cary Hair is now working for the CrossFit media dept. I would expect him to show up at the event as well.

The challenge is done and I'm trying to get those that finished it in for pics. So far Teri and Rachael are the only ones I've taken. There are a few stragglers that I haven't seen for weeks so if you intend to get those pics taken let's see your face and the progress you've made.

Remember new rates are effective October 1st. I'm still trying to tie up the loose ends on the contract and auto pay stuff which is why I set the date at October 1st. Hopefully all will be handled within the next week or so. For those of you holding punch cards they will expire October 1st unless other arrangements are made by contacting me. I'm still debating whether punch cards will be offered in the future. If they are they will have an expiration date on them.

Congrats to the Gypsies on winning the Expedition Impossible reality show. It just goes to show how effective this kind of training can transfer into real world activities.

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  1. Cary

    Sorry I missed you at the WOD SUP, Ron. My girlfriend is getting her Level I this weekend, otherwise we would have been there. We’ll be up next weekend.