Friday and Saturday


Friday and Saturday

Got busy last night and didn't get to posting. The Friday workout was the "Chief". The workout consists of rounds of power cleans, push ups and squats. For several this was the first time doing power cleans so we took it slow and light.

Jared on the way up:


April at the top with a nice rack position:


These are the only decent pictures I got but there were alot of folks that busted their hump. We also did the Chief on duty at station 1 on Thursday.

Not to be outdone by yesterday's workout I thought it only fitting to do our first filthy fifties in the new gym today. At 9:00, Carrie, Whitey,  Lola, Barb R., Penny and I gave it our best shot. Then at 1:00, Tim, Jason, Claudia and Mike gave it theirs. Its always a tough one that challenges one's mental tenacity not to snit as our friends from CrossFit San Francisco like to say. Didn't see any snitters today!

The Google calendar on the left of the blog is an attempt to load a training calendar on the blog. I get questions all the time about what our schedule is and unfortunately the days change from week to week with my FD schedule. I will try to get it straightened out in the next day or so.