Friday 11/14


Friday 11/14

Had a pretty large showing for a Friday this week. First thing Teddy was back as were Lindsey and Matt. This was Matt's second workout with about 10 days between the two due to traveling. He is off again tomorrow until the following Saturday. Teddy's third workout was today and he seems to be fired up about CrossFit style workouts. Great to see it.

Denny, Monica, Carrie and Caleb were in at 9:00 and I changed the workout from hang power cleans + 15 wall balls and 15 burpees to front squats, wall balls and burpees. At 1:00 Jason showed by himself so we took the liberty of doing Jason's first CrossFit Total. 

Mark and Ryan weren't around and no one showed for the 2:15 but that enabled us to do some maintenance. At 4:00 the crowd showed including Nicole, Claudia, Whitey, Tim, Lisa and Zach, Seth and Jessie.  This was Jessie second time to CFCV. It truly is amazing to see how proficient Seth, Claudia and Nicole have become at moves like burpees and front squats.

There are a few more noobies expected tomorrow and the growth is exciting to see! Thank you all who are referring new folks.