Friday 10/16


Friday 10/16

Hard to believe the weekend is here already and the girls' cert is tomorrow. Again, have fun and I'm sure you'll do well.

Wheeler's Screen Printing hooked us up and delivered as promised, a new batch of t-shirts today. These are the first with the new logo and thanks to Matt Smith for a nice one. And thanks to Mark for all his graphics art work in the process. We will be ordering more styles, colors and apparel with different slogans in the near future. I also have Wheeler's quoting a sticker for windows etc.

I decided to postpone the hoop programming indefinitely as there are a few other things I'd like to accomplish first. Today's death by OHS is a good example.

Here's the 9am early on:


Although Kara's OHS is a work in progress, she's the only one who made it to the 30 minute mark. Cary damn near did and did OHS's to the end but came up a little short at minute 27. Great effort by all, as usual.

Lots of great posts coming out of Robb Wolf, Dutch Lowy and CrossFit Balboa lately. I hope you're reading them and following the links to articles like Dr Eade's from Robb Wolf's latest. I continue to hear of people's frustration with the weight loss component, it's your diet!

Don't forget to sign up for the golf tourney next Wednesday and we will be moving the workout up to 8:00 on that day so we can get it in before all the fun. I don't think we'll make it back for any other classes.