Fran’s in the House


Fran’s in the House

Bench mark workout Fran was the WOD and the love/hate relationship continues. It has been awhile since we attacked this short but brutal workout and as is becoming quite common, Denny owned her. That’s not to say there weren’t lot’s of improvements made. Lisa, Sarah, Claudia, Seth, Caleb,  and Nicole have stepped it up since their last effort. Penny, Kendall, Amy, Stacy, Zach, Fransee, Betsy, Bridgett, Karen, Danie, Blair and Ryan all added their first entry in the Fran column on the wall of shame. Aren’t those thrusters a hoot?

AT 2:30 a new comer, Darrin checked us out. As he did Fran last week, he got a dose of the WOD from 2 days ago. I think he met a little resistance at CFCV. Fransee was also a new comer but Fran (scaled of course) was right up her alley.

It was nice to see Jared and Janeen’s presence mentioned from their recent trip to Coeur D’Alene Crossfit That’s one of the great things about this community, the willingness to welcome members from other affiliates and provide their fix while on the road.

Another great article was written by Again Faster and can be read at:

It truly is great to see so many new people checking us out. Unfortunately, sometimes I make an error in “reading” these athletes and give them something a little over their head. It is my bad and I truly don’t wish to give anyone more than they bargained for.

Some pics from the day:DSC01460