Four Session Day


Four Session Day

This might not be a big deal for other affiliates but it marks the busiest for me so far.

It all started with Mike and his CFWU, kb swings and weighted box steps.

Then it was on to Carrie and her makeup CrossFit Total day. I think she took well to the weight lifting side of CrossFit that she has not experienced before. Here are her numbers:Dsc01166

Tracy, Denny and I were next with another CFT effort. This was the first time for Tracy and Denny and I last did the CFT together on Dec. 27th. Today’s totals were:Dsc01168

Substantial increases were had by both Denny and I and Tracy now has some baselines to work from.

Then it was Caleb’s turn. He did a CFT recently so another night of kb swings and "active rest" was in order:Dsc01169

Next stop is station 1 for a couple of days