For the Boobies


For the Boobies

It's no secret that October is breast cancer awareness month and as such several CrossFit affiliates have sponsored workouts and donated their proceeds to many worthwhile programs. We at CFCV have been pretty weak this past year in raising money for the several benefits we were approached to participate in. I feel bad about that, but we've managed to stay in business and I hate to ask people for money figuring if they want to contribute they'll find a way. But, to keep with the spirit we have done many of the workouts and today was our Grace day. We performed it as written with power cleans and jerks requiring only that the bar goes from the ground to a locked out overhead position.

The star of the day was Mark. He did Grace as rx'd in 1:46, a feat I have not witnessed, ever. A great accomplishment by an awesome athlete that I am proud to be associated with. There were a number of other standouts, some of which have never done the workout before. One common denominator, they all gave it 110%.


Some of the participants:


We are almost set for the winter challenge 2010. I rolled out the details tosome folks today but will document it all and pass it along. Here are some of the highlights:

There will be four catgories folks will be ranked on;

  1. Physical performance, as documneted by improvement in workout matricies determined by an intial and folow up workout.
  2. Aesthetic improvement documented by before and after pictures.
  3. Number of workouts attended per week (1-3)
  4. Food log submission.

There will be a pot o'money that will be divided between the female and male winners with a buy in of $30.00.

I will put together the info tomorrow and post it on the blog along with the November schedule.

The next on-ramp starts on November 3rd and will be the last of this year (no December on-ramp is planned).


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