Fittest of the Sierra


Fittest of the Sierra

This year's event attracted many more competitors than last year's inaugural event. With this many more people, a larger pool of athletes from both ends of the experience continuum was likely and certainly was the case That said, the winner of last year's event was a repeat in the men's  rx'd division. The women's division was a tight race with the third place gal from last year doing really well.

Mark from our gym last year and now sporting his own colors came in an impressive 5th. He would have placed better with a different focus of workouts I am sure. The workouts they chose/designed didn't sit very well with me either. The shoulder didn't tolerate some of the movements well, but such would've been the case regardless of their choice.  For me, the use of 11.4 WOD from the Open was a crumby choice. Many of the athletes had already done the WOD a couple of times that week and repeating it was especially disappointing.

As the owner/coach of CFCV I gotta tell ya I was disappointed that more of our folks didn't compete or just show up in support or just to see what goes on. Jim, Andrew and I were the only competitors from CFCV. Mark of course counts as far I am concerned even though he was there as a CCSC/RAD contestant. Adrienne W. was our lone volunteer as a judge and Rachael showed to watch a couple of WODs with Jordan and Taryn. I realize that lots of folks have excellent reasons for not coming but I hope more will compete and show up for support next year. Last year we were in the house and everyone knew it, this year not so much.

This year, South Tahoe and GWOF did a much better job of organization and sign ups at the event. Things went smoother, results were accessible quicker and more accurate. The lone issue that looms for the competition in my opinion is the judging. Up front I don't have a solution as putting together an event like this and asking for untrained volunteers to judge gets the results that we saw last year as well as this year. I also heard that the judges could have been better informed as to their duties and movement standards. Again I don't fault individuals or the organizations running the event, only point out that if something needs attention it's the judging. And i don't begrudge those that judged my performances because they did just fine.

All in all it was a fun event and I look forward to next year's throwdown. Hope to be healthy for it and see more CFCVers there. Thanks South Tahoe CrossFit and GWOF.


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  1. Rachael

    Yeah I was impressed just watching the other female competitors. I’ll be there next year, FO SHO!