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CrossFit Carson Valley is the original CrossFit affiliated gym in the Minden/ Gardnerville area our program has been evolving since 2007 and is much more than the ordinary CrossFit box! We utilize CrossFit concepts in our programming in addition to those practiced by OPEX and other trend setting programs. We utilize gymnastics movement, Olympic lifting, power lifting, kettle bells, strongman and numerous other modalities to achieve our members goals!




This class is a non-traditional way to get in shape and feel great! We believe that constantly varied high intensity workouts will achieve the best results for your overall fitness. Athletes can achieve improved stamina, endurance and strength resulting in a lean, toned body. We also provide meal plan, recipes and nutritional coaching. We will put you through a fun, intense 45–60 minute workout to help you achieve your goals!



Silvers Bootcamp

This class is offered to anyone looking to transition back into fitness from an injury, rehab or are looking for a lighter lower impact version of CrossFit..this class is in a group setting, that can be scaled down or up to meet the athletes mobility and or fitness level. In this class you will achieve improved cardiovascular and muscle endurance, strength as well as improved joint mobility.


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