First Weekend of ’09


First Weekend of ’09

Thought it would be fitting to do the Firepower kettlebell workout on Saturday. There were quite a few folks for the 9:00 and a few more for 1:00. Several folks had not done Firepower before and as they experienced, some of the moves take some experience to master. We will be doing these types of workouts a little more frequently in the future. Trouble is, there is so much I want to accomplish, it's hard to get everything in the schedule.

Then this morning (6am), Buffy, Kara, Penny and I did a rowing version of Michael. The original workout calls for 3 rounds for time of run 800m, 50 situps and 50 back extensions. We subbed 1000m rows for the 3 800m runs due to the frigid temps. Times were: Kara; 34:42, Buffy; 37:34 and Penny; 37:56. Note that the 1000m row takes quite a bit longer than a 800m run.

Today is day 4 of the burpee challenge.

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  1. Seth

    So far the burpee challenge isn’t too tough. My 7 year old thinks they are cool. I wish I felt the same. She’s a good partner to have. I hope everyone else will persist in this challenge.