First of the 4 Days Off


First of the 4 Days Off

Didn’t post the workout from yesterday as again I was pretty much the lone CFCV guy at Globogym. The Chief hurt his arm unloading plywood and did a 2 mile jaunt on the treadmill at Globogym and I settled in for CF warm up followed by many box jumps with 12 lb dumbells, one armed kb swings, kb snatches and kb squats.

Today was practice day at the ole garage gym with kb moves in preparation for Firepower as well as oly lifting stuff.

The good news is I ran across a couple of quality items I’d like to share. One is an article which I passed along to all the fire dept. personnel maybe much to their chagrins and the other is the Eva T. 2008 calendar. I am attempting to post links below and if they don’t work and you’re interested email me and I’ll send them to you. CrossFitters will recognize Eva as one helluva  inspiration and the article really gives credance to functional fitness. Enjoy!