It’s been a few days since the last post which has provided reflection time. As most members are aware, CFCV went back to the old schedule of four days on two days off to coincide with my work schedule. This was necessary for a few reasons but mainly financial.


As we look forward to growth in moving to the new building, there are a number of opportunities and challenges. I want CFCV to be as successful as possible and success is measured by delivering what is expected to all parties.


For the members, this includes maintaining quality programming which I define as challenging but doable for each and every participant. Challenging means that as the member grows, the programming must keep pace. This requires not only the knowledge and ability to understand and teach new things, but the equipment to support them.


For me it means being able to deliver the above in such a manner that I do not go backwards financially or personally. At this juncture, all is good based on expectations as CFCV approaches the first year anniversary.


With the above in mind I offer the following:


The addition of a level 3 class at 2:15 was done to offer more challenging programming to some individuals while others can continue on their path to excellence. These workouts will generally be a lot harder and utilize programming akin to Mtn. Athlete and CrossFit workouts as prescribed. The goal is not to limit anyone from attending these sessions but to deliver a more challenging workout for those who feel the need.


I am still looking for gymnastics mats so we can incorporate more moves into our workouts. Once again the trouble is cost. Used mats sell for roughly 50% the new ones but generally have years of service left in them. With the move and equipment needs it is more prudent to look for these deals than spend twice the money. Some people may think I’m cheap but, the point could be argued.


One of the programs I am eager to start up is CrossFit Kids. In order to do this, CFCV must be a CFK affiliate, which requires an additional affiliation fee. There also may be insurance implications etc. so after the move this will be a priority.


I am open to adding other times should they be needed. Early morning for me is a problem but an additional 6:00 pm is doable provided there are more than just a couple of people interested. I understand that more people will be attracted if the class is offered but I need to see some interest up front.


With contact from the physical training guy from Pickel Meadows, the wheels of hosting a Level I cert have begun. No promises as the whole process must be researched but is something I would really like to accomplish.

On to more fun things. Recently CFCV has been visited by a few people; Steve Wetterer from the newly affiliated CrossFit Lake Tahoe, Rob who was one of the original CFCVers (he couldn’t resist Fran), Jason-Monica’s other half, Mike R. returning for a little fun and Lewis from Pickel Meadows.


Last Friday the WOD was Fran here’s how we fared:


DSC00097   DSC00098 

DSC00099   DSC00100 

For today's workout we honored the community wide benefit of yesterday, Fight Gone Bad. I say honored but due to my cheapness, we did not financially join the program. Still all those involved including Jason, Monica, Claudia, Mike R., Kendall, Lisa, Zach, Penny and I worked our butts off. There were significant improvements for some, not so for others (me). Brandon was also in and caught up on Fran for his first time.


Sorry the post is so long…..