Fights at Station 1


Fights at Station 1

Today the station 14 crews, Roby, Matt H. and I did the "Fight Gone Bad" workout while on duty. There were some impressive performances.Crossfit_004

Jeff M. on the rowerCrossfit_005

The "Tern" and sumo deadlift high pullsCrossfit_006

Matt H. and the sumo deadlift high pullCrossfit_007

John B. and the push press

It must be noted that everyone did this bench mark workout as rx’d.

The numbers:Crossfit_001

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  1. Station 7 also completed today’s Fight Gone Bad, here are the results:
    Capt. K : 70,71,60 = 201
    Zac: 71,77,71 = 219
    Heidi: 74,81,81 = 236
    ‘tern: 84,90,87 = 261 (we told her she has to use higher weights next time…)
    We were able ot do all of it outside in the tropical rays of the Northern Nevada desert,ahhh.
    A good time was had by all and nobody saw Pukie.
    Station 7 Crew