Fights and Swings


Fights and Swings

It all started with a call from Rob yesterday asking if he and Jason could come by and do a "Fight Gone Bad". Knowing Carrie would be here at 8:15 I set it up for then. I also called  a few fellow CrossFitters from work but the only one that could make it was Jeff. So it was, we got some first thing and boy was it fun.

At noon, Mike and April were over to see how working out at noon fits the schedule. I guess we’ll see how they feel tomorrow. Their workout consisted of 5 rounds of Kettlebell swings and active rest ala ETK style. Then it was Lisa’s turn for the swings and active rest.

The scaled after work crew of Seth and Claudia were next and they gave "Fight Gone Bad" hell. They scaled somewhat but definitely gave it their best shot. All in all everyone did a commendable job. I think Carrie also likes her calendar. Here are the results and a few pics of the PM "Fight Gone Bad" as I was a little busy during the morning session:Dsc01223

Seth on the way up on a push press.

Claudia hitting the mark.Dsc01225

Dsc01231 Claudia  jumping on the box.

Dsc01232 Seth and the sumo deadlift high pull.

Dsc01234 The numbers.