Fighting at CFCV


Fighting at CFCV

Having been scolded for slacking and being slow to update the blog, here is the installment for yesterday's workout. It was about time for the level one folks to experience "Fight Gone Bad" and they seemed to be challenged by the ordeal. The first group of Janeen, Jared, Sarah and April chased the "rabbit" (Shalene) seemingly right off the cliff. Seriously they all did a good job and I think learned a little more about intensity in the process. Here are some pics of their efforts:

April and the sumodeadlift high pull


Jared and the 20lb wall ball


Sarah rowing for calories and April box jumps


Janeen push press


Jared sumo deadlift high pull 75 lbs and Sarah rowing


Sarah wall ball Shalene SDHP


April push press


Shalene rowing and Jared wall ball April box jump


While the parents were doing the workout, newcomer Denise rowed a few thousand meters.


The next session of level oners (Nicole and Lindsey) didn't escape the fight either. Didn't get any good pictures but this one is of Nicole on the box jump and Linsey doing the sdhp: (cool license plate Claudia)


And while the second session was fighting, Seth and Claudia were having their own fun, 100 snatches, 75 push ups, 50kb squats and 25 strict pull ups:


Oh and forgot to mention that Denny and I did this one early this morning as well.

This workout concluded the first week of Monday Through Friday workouts. Everyone have a great memorial day.