Feeling Guilty


Feeling Guilty

Following the 9am Veteran's day WOD, Penny and I escaped to Reno for the weekend. I know some folks were a little miffed about not having PM classes on Fri. so for that I apologize. I had also intended to catch up on blog posts during the weekend but that didn't happen.

Friday's WOD was fun though and it was nice to have such a big class. It was good to see Michelle H. again after her long hiatus.

Gill joined us last week and has completed a couple of his on ramp sessions. Michelle D. finished her on ramp last week as did Dillon. Please welcome them to regular classes when they start. There are also a few more folks I have had discussion with, we'll see if they show.

The shirts and sweatshirts came out really well in my opinion. Thanks Rachael for making it happen.

A few of the classes on the schedule that say"no class" will be covered by Carrie. I will update the training calendar soon.

I would like to thank Nicole for doing a fine job of training the boys at DHS. You have done well in spreading the word of CrossFit and serving up the KoolAid. Also thanks to Janae and Carrie for doing the same at CVMS.

I never got around to posting last month's PR's so here they are:


I'd like to congratulate Teri H. for the excellent improvement in Summation Scoring System numbers that we measured last week. Not only did she win the challenge but has made measurable improvement.

And thanks to Teri R. for donating in my name to the Movember male cancer foundation. She made the donation on this Movember link. That what the shaving and rebirth of the mustache is all about.


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