I'd really like to get some feedback from current members on how we are doing at CFCV. I don't really want to limit the response to questions that I pose because last time I didn't get much response. So, I'd like you all to let me know via comments on the blog or e-mail as to what you think. For a little help I offer these two posts from folks I hold in high regard and am trying to learn from and emulate: Dutch Lowy and Norcal CrossFit's owners Robb Wolf and  Nicki Violetti. They have walked the path before me and are damn good at what they do in my opinion. And these are not the only two, there are many others I look to for advice on training, business, customer service and a number of other topics. I truly am trying to make it the best it can be under the circumstances or conditions if you will.

I guess what I need to know is how you view CFCV for planning purposes. We will be out of the box officially  June 1st and there are a few important decisions to be made in the coming weeks. I want to make the most informed decisions I can with OUR goals as a guide. So if you please, think about it and respond.

6 Responses

  1. Lola

    Okay Mr. Ron! I love the new format and I know others do as well. You meet our challenges and then some. We all really dont complain over nothing you know. I speak personally, Crossfit is the best workout mental and physical. Plus I love whitemans new and improved abs(very nice) Thank you Captain Ron!!!!

  2. kel

    I like what we are doing. As you know I love to be challanged and feel x fit does that and more. The quick hard work out make me feel like I ve worked out for hours. so keep up the good work and make me kick my own ass each and everytime..

  3. Carrie McGill

    You are an AWESOME COACH!!! I am so glad I finally found cross fit. Your coaching abilities, knowledge, and facilities are worth every penny. Check out the info on Moxy…..
    I thought you may want to know how much all those Moxy Fitness ladies are paying for 6 weeks of training. They train six days per week. They also have to choose which group they will be attending (no flexibility there).
    6 to 7am Monday – Friday & 7 to 8am on Saturdays
    9 to 10am Monday – Friday & 7 to 8am on Saturdays
    6 Week F.I.T. Boot Camp
    Six weeks of an intense, concentrated fitness effort designed to give you impressive results in a short amount of time. Visit to find out more!
    Guess how much it costs???
    $299.00 Holy cow!!!
    That’s 200.00 for the month.
    Interesting, Nikki’s moxy classes are ALWAYS FULL 🙂

  4. TamiJean

    I am new to this outfit and I love it!! My second offical workout was yesterday and was awesome. It was hard and kicked my booty but i appreciated every minute of it. Ron you are a great teacher, witty, and easygoing. Thanks

  5. Nicole

    I keep asking myself why I come back and all I can say is ur freakin addicting. I love how I hate the workouts so much and i get scared pullin up to the gym.Ur amazin what u do for ur peeps. I have never been so commited to a workout. I love this GYM. And Plus Buffy has to have the smokin hot stripper body and shes not going to do it without you!!!