February Here We Come


February Here We Come

Lots of big things going on! First, Cindy finished the mural and it looks great. I plan on incorporating it in numerous places as a logo.


Cindy is an amazing artist and has come a long way as an athlete as well. Thanks Cindy.

The gym has also come a long way, we now have more space that is being transformed into actual usable space with the addition of more pull up bars this week and some flooring in the near future.

Other exciting stuff includes Bootcamp additions, additional trainers and new members both starting and finishing on ramp programs.

Carrie's 3:30 Bootcamp started Wednesday and Nicolette/Nicole's 5:30 pm is starting on Monday. Rachael and Carrie are continuing the 5:30 am which officially ends on Friday but several of the gals are going to continue on for the remainder of the month.

Lilly will start shadowing soon as a trainer and then be stepping in to cover classes as his time permits. Nicolette will be attending her level I in Reno in a couple of weeks and will take on some regular classes in addition to Bootcamp classes. With the new space I hope to run classes concurrently in each space and will be developing a multi level training scheme. Stay tuned for that.

George and Carma finished their on-ramp program last night with some impressive improvement. Chris also finished his earlier in the week and began his regular classes yesterday. Congrats to all.

Lou is about halfway through her program and David and Robert are about 3 deep. Saen started his yesterday and Tom begins this coming week.

Next week (the 16th) we have a booth at a GE function from 11:30 to 1:30. All the local gyms will have a presence and I would like to make an impressive showing I am looking for folks to participate as well as ideas for demonstrations. There are a fair amount of GE employees that are "CrossFitting" in their fitness facility. My goal is to demonstrate that coaching and positive, friendly competition is a large part of CrossFit as well as introduce our program to them. If anyone has any ideas or desire to participate, please let me know.

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  1. Carrie McGill

    The gym looks great, love the new space. Thanks Cindy for the amazing mural! I need a sticker like it for my car.