February 19th


February 19th

Been having some great training and fun over the past weeks. Friday we played with the stones in another strongman type WOD. It's impressive to see folks shoulder the stone that don't believe they can do it when they first walk in. Case in point:

And then Scott tackles the 150

These are in no way the only exceptional efforts with the stones-only the ones I captured on film.

Things have been way busy at CFCV. The girls are doing an exceptional job with the bootcamps. Participants are working hard, having fun and meeting their goals consistently. Several folks have signed up for the sessions in March and February is only half over.

We have also had quite a few folks "kicking the tires". This is true in both our programs. Three are finishing up their on ramps this coming week with 2 more starting on Wednesday. There are 3 still working towards completion and a few that have come to me with questions etc.

With the additional space we are able to support this added business and more so bring a friend and let's grow!

Rachael and I attended a CFCV demo at GE last week. Thanks to Rachael for the help and to GE for the exposure. There were lots of cool reps there from other facilities.

On a positive note, here we go into the CrossFit Games Open beginning the coming week. i think we're prepared, bring it!

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  1. Nicolette

    I have to say i was fortunate enough to see some of the classes throw stones, and all of you are amazing!!! Great job all of you!!!And thanks Ron and Penny for all your hard work! cfcv is an amazing place to be a part of!!!