Feb 23, 2008


Feb 23, 2008

First thing following getting off duty, Claudia met me at CFCV for today’s workout. Carrie was also scheduled but she let me know she was sick and boy she sounded terrible.

After Claudia’s turn in the barrel, Jared and Janeen also came by. This was Janeen’s first day and she learned the CrossFit warmup and kettlebell swings. Jared also did the CFWU and then experienced 20 kb swings, 1 minute of wall balls, 20 swings, 1 minute of box steps X two rounds.

Later in the day Caleb and Seth showed for their rendition of the the same workout Claudia did. After the grand kids were in bed it was my turn and I soloed the same effort.

The workout and times are: Dsc01188