Had one lately? CFCV had one over the past 4 days. I have spent the majority of my time and bank account making it happen and it was much needed. Thanks for your patience over the period as I have not had time to do any posts but I offer this trip down memory lane:

We started in the garage, probably 600 square feet of it or so


And we used the driveway


Then it was to the original space on Industrial Court:

Crossfit 055 


Then we moved to our current location:


And made some improvements:



And today we look like this:





We've still got some paint to squirt around on the walls, pull up structure and some minor modifications to make but this is pretty much it for the physical changes. We have also come a long way in our coaching staff, movement knowledge and programming. What will the future bring?

Thank you to all that have supported us along the way and endured the journey!

4 Responses

  1. michelle harmon

    The place looks great!! We all so appreciate everything you do for us.I know it is a lot of your time but you change so many lives.. I know I am stronger, healthier and my head is a lot clearer( at least the voices have stopped ha ha) since I met you and Penny Thanks so much!!!! Michelle

  2. Ken

    Wow Ron you’ve come a long way! Kudos to you for your dedication and hard work. I appreciate the environment you have created at CFCV.
    PS cool toolbox in the garage!!

  3. Sheri Dunn

    Hey Ron. Our gym looks amazing! Thanks to all of you (you, Penny, Nicole, and Carrie) for everything! I appreciate your dedication to us more than you know. 🙂

  4. Lola Reid

    Wow! You have made some great progress! I know you are very proud, as you should be. You have taught me and so many others valuable information with your teaching skills. Hummm like….” Don’t be such a ‘pussy’- you can do this!! 🙂 Much success to you always Lola 🙂