Exciting and Important News


Exciting and Important News

We have finally transversed the red tape after working for over a month on the CrossFit Kids resurrection. Rhonda and Dustin have the green light to start having classes when they are prepared.

Four Bootcampers completed their transition program last Saturday and completed their first benchmark WOD Fran. It is good to see how well prepared they were making the transition and they really did a great job on their first Fran. Their Bootcamp coaches should be proud!

We also have 4 new members in various stages of their on-ramp program. Despite losing a few last month, we seem to continue increasing our numbers.

As some have no doubt been hearing, CFCV is increasing membership rates effective March 1st. As a business we never have been effective from a profit margin perspective. Profit has not been the main motivator as we have helped many people make their lives better. As I mentioned in our last raise the rates letter, the purpose is to make more money to reinvest in the business. We have done just that but we have more needs and we never seem to get ahead.

Another big consideration is staying on par with the market. If anyone has done any research, the only other legit CrossFit affiliates have raised their rates significantly. I know we deliver a quality service and we are capable of charging higher rates in this and other markets, so we must.

That said, current members will not experience an increase unless 1) they leave the box (canceling their membership) or 2) they are using auto pay and their card is declined for any reason. We have had several cards expire and then be declined due to a bad date. This causes a bookeeping nightmare and it is your responsibility to keep up on your end of the deal.

Additionally, any Bootcamper that is currently active and paid through the end of February may cross over and will be considered as a current members as explained above. We will extend the current membership prices and transition fee for as long as Bootcampers remain active and paid without a break. If you leave unpaid for any amount of time and return for a transition program your CrossFit membership will be at the new rate.

The new rates are:

On-Ramp program remains the same $175.00 individuals/$250.00 couple. These fees are expected to be paid on the first day of the program. 

CrossFit Unlimited Classes

  • 12 month commitment $149.00/month  $135.00 with auto pay
  • 6 month commitment   $159.00/month  $149.00 with auto pay
  • 3 month commitment   $169.00/month  $159.00 with auto pay
  • month to month (no contract) $200.00/month

Price Reductions

  • Students, law enforcement, military and fire  10% discount
  • 3 times per week discount 10% (with above commitment)
  • 2 times per week discount 15% ( with above commitment)