Haven’t posted the last couple of days, but that doesn’t mean things haven’t been happening. First of all, grandson Ethan broke his arm screwing around at school so there has been doctor time.

Most exciting though are changes that are finished at CFCV. These may not be a big deal to most but for me they are. First of all more space has been cleared and more stall mats added. Stall mats are cool because they mean you can lie on the floor to do cool things like TGU’s, chest presses and a number of other kettlebell and a couple of barbell moves. I also added another fixed pull up bar and pair of rings inside as well as an outside bar with enough height to learn and perform kipping pull ups.

Although CFCV is still a garage gym it functionality keeps improving. I have gotten over the idea that garage gyms have functional challenges, especially when pictures of Coach Burgener’s and some of the other garage gyms are posted on the CrossFit.com site. So for now, it will do the trick.Dsc01216 Dsc01217 Dsc01218 Dsc01219 Dsc01220 Dsc01221 Dsc01222

Despite the absences today for a number of reasons, Seth Claudia and I did a ten round workout consisting of KB presses, swings, push presses, swings, push jerks and you guessed it, more swings.