Event Schedule


Event Schedule

To start off, we will be hosting an Olympic weightlifting meet on Jan 29th at 10:00. This is not a sanctioned event. It is meant to give those curious an opportunity to visit a new gym, lift some weights in the olympic style in a somewhat competitive environment. In the case of CFCV athletes it will not be a new venue but it will be unique in that there should be athletes from other places to chat and lift with. I'm hoping that it will become a fun event that wil travel from box to box and who knows maybe we'll even expand to hosting some USAW events as clubs.

The Fittest of the Sierras date has been released. It will be held April 16th 2011 at the same place, South Lake Tahoe CrossFit. This event was a good one last year and though it is mostly for fun, there are some bragging rights for individuals and boxes associated. I anticipate prescribed and scaled divisions again so lets all go have some fun.

We are planning a February on-ramp due to requests by a couple of folks. But, the new rules apply specifically:

  • Anyone that does not have CrossFit experience must come watch one of our classes. Watching videos or having a friend that does CrossFit does not count.
  • Folks must have an assessment done prior to the start date. There is no cost and it takes about an hour. This will be scheduled when you come watch a class.
  • The maximum number of participants will be capped at 4. You must pay for the spot to save it.

As Penny and I are going to the OPT Program Design Module on the 9th of Feb. The schedule for classes and the on-ramp may get somewhat flaky. Carrie, Nicole and Rachael have doen a tremendous job filling in where needed so we'll see what we come up with.

One last word on assessments. There seems to be anxiety brewing due to skinfold measurements and just what the outcome of the assessment will be. Remember this is YOUR baseline. Where we begin. It is not a competition and measurement against others is not the point. So remove the gun from your temple and breathe. There is no one in this gym that's going to be fired and I have some of the shittiest numbers of all of you. In fact my subscap number is high enough to require physician evaluation. It is what it is and the point is to identify areas of improvement. Up until this point we have been shooting in the dark and had some awesome results. Just think where we can go from here with some objective criteria and planning.

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  1. Good luck getting great results! Even if the skin fold measurements come back not as great you would like… if your numbers improve and you feel better.. win win.
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