End of the Week


End of the Week

An exciting week to be sure. Carrie and Wayne announced as the challenge winners, lots of assessment work and of course the OLY meet.

Thanks to the folks from CrossFit Initiative for traveling down and to our athletes. And thanks to Page for being behind the ESPN camera and to Penny and Cindy, our judges. Thanks also to the spectators that showed as well.

It was exactly what we set out to have, a fun event and a learning experience for all Hopefully it will carry on.

The results:


Experiencing compatibility issues with the camera and computer attempting to download the ESPN footage. Should be able to get it taken care of on Tuesday. There's lots to be learned by watching the lifts after the fact.

Working on the Februaury schedule which should be posted Tuesday when I get off shift. New on-ramp also starts on Tuesday.

I'm looking to complete 4 more assessments this week. Let me know if and when you're available. I have 6 completed with minor revisions then I will provide a copy with calculations for each person .

2 Responses

  1. Ron and Penny,
    Thank you so much for hosting! It was a lot of fun. And you guys were extremely cool! You’ve got a great group of people down there! The food was awesome, and the lifting was a ton of fun. Well, maybe not a “ton”… technically. More like a couple hundred pounds… LOL!
    Thanks again!