End of the Open


End of the Open

As I compose this entry, the end of the CrossFit Open looms. It has been an interesting event, one which  has opened the eyes of some and frustrated others. One thing is for sure I am very proud of all of our CFCV family, those that competed and those that supported us. I for one am embarrassed at my performance but can assure that I gave it 100% like all of our athletes. I saw no slackers, no one that didn't give it 100%. I will post the standings of all our competitors tomorrow, after the dust settles on the leaderboard.

In the mean time, here is an interesting post that Jim reminded me of today. An interesting observation and probably right on the money.

I also encourage folks to view the Valley CrossFit gals videos on the games site for a neat perspective of what affiliate community is about. The support these gals give each other is awesome.

I have mentioned to some the potential of changing the schedule around. As of now the 9:00 is going to stay put with the exception of Wednesdays. I will change that time to 8:00 for the next 6 weeks (not including this Wed the 4th). This is so I can complete my latest endeavor the OPT Business Systems Module via webinar. It will run each Wed. at 9:00 and I don't want to ignore my class coaching responsibilities. The 2:30 will probably go away at the end of the school year. But that doesn't mean that no one will be around during the day. My plan is for me and the other coaches that are interested to be available for personal training and individual on-ramp sessions. This includes assessments, consults and the like.

Recently Scott has been bringing some jitz friends around. Friday it was John and they got a taste of wall balls and pullups coupled in 21,15 9 reps. What'd you think fellas?